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Hi. I'm Nama. I am a 20-something almost married and toddler'd Sims addict. I do photoshoots and gameplay of both Sims 2 and 3. If you follow me, chances are I will follow you back, as long as you're a Simblr. Some #nsfw. Lots of cussing at times. Formerly "misssimgoddess".

Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.

This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.

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I made me and my long-distance boyfriend on Sims, his sim got my sim pregnant and I named the baby the name he wants to name our first real baby.

It sounds a bit creepy, but on the other hand, it’s cute. As someone whose relationship started out long-distance, any connection to that special someone is nice when you can’t see them on a regular basis.

Not all relationships have a happily ever after, especially long-distance ones, so I wish this anon luck in the future.

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Thanks for making this girl’s day.  And congrats :)

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Weatherproofing this new house. Maybe this sun porch wasn’t a good idea after all.

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Greetings from Alocasia! CALLING ALL SIMS!!!

I’ve had this idea for a new project stirring around for a while now, and I’ve decided to act on it.  Obviously, it’s still kinda empty as I’m adding lots, but while I’m making the lots (I plan on building some of the residential lots and will probably put them up for download down the line), but no town is complete without Sims.

Let me tell you about this idea first.

Basically I’ll be playing all the families on a rotation basis.  I will pick one family to play for one Sim week, then move on to the other.  It’ll be completely random as to what family I will play first.  As for the “inactive” families for that Sim week, they will be at the mercy of Story Progression (Nraas’ mod, not that sad-ass EA Story Progression).  I will then, take over from there.  I will grant wishes.  I will not attempt to kill or break up relationships (or make star-crossed relationships).  I will build upon relationships.  If a Sim gets pregnant, whatever happens, happens.

It should be an interesting little project, and I chose Alocasia because it’s a fairly small world, it has IP dive spots, and it kinda reminds me of a small Isla Paradiso, which I love, but is too large (which is why The Bards’ Wanderlust is on hiatus).  

Anyway, I need Sims.  If I have requested one from you in the past, they will be part of this story.  So thank you very much simsandgiggles for Megan. :) 


-No berries.  You can give the Sim unnatural hair colors, but I prefer vanilla otherwise for this. (although, I will be needing berries soon for my Velour save)

-Any age is good.

-I don’t want to overpopulate the world too quickly, so while I will say that families are welcome.  However, limit families to ~5 members.  I will probably not use more than a couple of full families right away.

-Supernaturals are okay.  Probably should’ve mentioned this in the first point.  I am partial to witches only because their life span doesn’t take forever, but I’ll take em all.  It’d make it even more interesting to see a fairy around for several generations of families.

-Keep in mind: I have no stuff packs installed and I don’t have ITF installed.  I have them, but I didn’t want to install em on my laptop.  I do, however, have ITF base-compatible hairs installed, and I think I have a couple of base-compatible stuff pack clothes too.  

-It’s okay if it’s a public or private download.  If it is a private download, I won’t redistribute it.

-There is no deadline. I don’t have a crap ton of time as I used to due to my job, so it may be a bit before the town itself is ready anyways. 

If you are interested, send me your Sims through my ask.

By the way, you can get Alocasia from saphfiresims.

Gonna reblog this a couple of times a week.

I wanted to add one more thing though: if you do submit a Sim, if you can (it’s not required), then give a bit of a bio for them! This will help as I’m writing.

I still need families/single Sims! There is no deadline, but I’m going to start populating soon!

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But …


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I find it really difficult to give my sims negative traits. The only negative trait that I give them is clumsy.

I usually randomize my traits, but in the cases that I don’t, I usually won’t give them a negative trait unless it calls for it in a story. Randomizing makes things interesting though.

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Follower Appreciation Post! ♥ I love all of you! ♥

Thank u very much to everyone!!!:D

Hugs and much love to all of you! <3

!!! Ps, I love to talk.. *winkwink*
but I’m bad at starting chats, sometimes..

Lots of love to all my precious followers who follow my boring blog. I love ya guys!!!

Just wanted to tell y’all you guys are special & thank you for following me :)

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I’m looking for a flat glass roof for the Alocasia house I’m building right now.  Can anyone point me to one?

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The only thing I HAVE to do is stay black and die.
- African American proverb (via blackproverbs)
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